What is TRX?

TRX training is a suspension workout that leverages your body weight and gravity to perform a multitude of exercises. Olympians, Navy Seals, and now ordinary people are using this training system to take their fitness to a new level.

How Does It Work?

TRX uses your own body weight against gravity, just like Pilates. Cables are suspended from the ceiling and enable you to work at an angle that is appropriate for your fitness level. The steeper the body angle and the further away you are from the TRX anchor, the more difficult the exercise becomes.

How Are TRX and Pilates Similar?

Pilates and TRX have quite a lot in common. Both work on and demand core strength. You can use all of the invaluable Pilates principles you’ve learned in TRX and discover core stability and strength in new ways. Both develop flexibility, agility, and balance, which lead to improved performance in other activities and ease in day-to-day movements.

Under the guidance of a Pilates Instructor with certification in TRX training, you can expect a safe, intelligent, and challenging full-body workout.