I’m new to pilates and never used the reformer before. What should I do?

Start with our signature introductory private session. It combines mat and reformer work. This combination will give you amazing results! For group classes, always start with precision and sculpt class types before more to more fast pace and advanced.

I’m injured. Can your classes help me?

With an emphasis on breath, alignment, posture, and core strength, pilates is great for recovering from a variety of injuries and for alleviating the pain caused by various medical concerns. Private rehabilitative pilates sessions, taken alone or in combination with physiotherapy or Physio Pilates, strengthens the core musculature while promoting new neuromuscular patterns. In essence, you will learn to move in a way that does not cause your body to be in pain and that helps to prevent re-injury. Always consult your doctor or health practitioner before beginning a new exercise program.

I’m pregnant. What classes can I take?

Contact our front desk to learn how to keep fit throughout your pregnancy.


Start with an introductory private session, during which a teacher will assess your core strength and recommend classes and modifications for a healthy and strong recovery. From there, ease into your practice. Make sure you get your doctor’s go-ahead before starting to exercise again.

I’ve just had a baby.What class should I start with