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Toronto Pilates Defined.

We employ a contemporary approach rooted in a classic time-proven methodology while incorporating the latest understanding of physical therapy techniques. We have classes for everyone, from beginners to experienced students, from those who want a physically challenging practice to those who prefer rehabilitative classes. Smaller class sizes offers you more hands-on instruction, add to that state of the art reformer machines and seasoned instructors that will lead you to amazing results. We invite you to explore a variety of programs that mixes a contemporary approach rooted in a classic methodology and find the style of practice that is right for you.



Don’t be surprised if these classes fill up quicker than a Jay Z/J-T concert! This workout is guaranteed to challenge your body while toning, building strength, and increasing flexibility and balance. Best of all, it’s one heck of a pool of sweat good time—you will have fun!

Mat Pilates

Develop core strength, rebalance muscles, sculpt and tone your body and gain flexibility and movement with our signature Mat classes. 
Challenge your core stability!


This pre-registered program is designed to target core, arms, buttocks, and thighs, these classes combines calorie burning cardio interval training using the trampolines on the reformer. Notice your flat, toned belly, tight lifted bottom and long lean arms in a matter of weeks!


Combine barre, pilates, and dance-inspired cardio for a long, lean dancer's physique. This highly effective workout is designed to burn fat and chisel every inch of your body. We promise—it works!


The reformer adds a whole new level of strength training to pilates by working your body against spring resistance, allowing you to work your muscles more deeply and correctly. Best of all, the reformer is very versatile, and the variations are endless - you will never get bored!


The chair offers the most athletic challenges. Effective for retraining the body after injury, increasing overall physical conditioning, and improving sports performance.





Mixed level class

The essence of pilates lies in the detail and the precision of movement. Slower-paced, with focus on getting the right muscles working in each exercise, this class works your whole body, especially your core.  


Mixed level class

Sculpt and tone your whole body, especially your core, with essential to intermediate pilates matwork. Challenge your core stability and add work for arms and legs using fitness circles, stability balls, foam rollers, and toning bands, and other small equipment. 


Intermediate level class
Increased pace and added flow challenge your endurance. Be prepared for some muscle burn—in all the right places! Take this class when you have at least ten mat classes under your belt!


Mixed level class

Build strength, agility, and endurance in an athletic reformer class that works your arms and shoulders, chest and back, hips and legs. Using traditional fitness training methods like super sets and push-pull, exercises are athletic and challenging.