Monica Plewes

Studio Owner & Program Director

I opened CORE Studio because I wanted to create a positive, calm space for people to stay active. I wanted to share the wonderful gifts that yoga and pilates had given me.

I have taught movement since I was a young girl wearing tights with leg warmers like Jane Fonda. I was first introduced to yoga and pilates through a fusion fitness program, and have since then received full training in pilates, including therapeutic and post-injury programming, and various styles of yoga. 
When I teach, I like to take the fundamentals of each style of my practice and allow them to inspire one another. In this way, I can honour the deep and rich roots of the practises while focusing on. 

When teaching pilates, I focus on the biomechanics and quality of movement. I love to integrate all the big equipment—mat, reformer, cadillac, or chair—as well as small equipment, especially mini balls, weighted balls, and fitness circles.

I have had the privilege of serving students of all backgrounds—from beginners to advanced, children and adults, professional athletes and high-profile/celebrity clients. Every day, I feel thankful for living a life that involves working with and helping people. I continue to be inspired by the wonders that grace me each day, by my students, and by my teachers.

Every day is new. Breathe, play, and love. Live life from your core.