kim lum-danson

Pilates Instructor


Kim Lum-Danson

Pilates Instructor

Kim has always had fitness in her life. Throughout university, where she studied sociology, psychology, and marketing, fitness kept her mentally focused and calm in a busy world. 
In her last year, she decided to bring fitness to the forefront because of the positive influence it had on all aspects of her life, so she became STOTT Pilates Certified. Finally, Kim had her ammo. Fast forward 4 years: Kim has made a name for herself as an energetic, strong Power Pilates instructor. She works hard to motivate her clients and to build their confidence by helping them develop physical and mental strength. Feeling strong is powerful, and Kim has made it her mission to spread this feeling by teaching others to hone their strength, to grow, and to surpass their "limits."

Kim's classes always start and end with core exercises and are filled with challenging and exciting fresh movements. Music guides the pace of each class, and students tend to get lost in their focus and rhythm, not even realizing how hard they're working. As Kim says, "We get strong together and feel good about it."