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pilates defined


We have classes for everyone, from beginners to experienced students, from those who want a challenging pilates-meets-fitness type of practice, to those who prefer a more classical approach, honouring the original method developed by Joseph Pilates. Smaller class sizes offers you more hands-on instruction, add to that state of the art pilates equipment and seasoned instructors that will lead you to amazing results. We invite you to explore a variety of classical and contemporary pilates programs and find the style of practice that is right for you.


Pilates Reformer

The reformer classes adds a whole new level of strength training to pilates by working your body against spring resistance, allowing you to work your muscles more deeply and correctly. Best of all, the reformer is very versatile, and the variations are endless - you will never get bored!

Mat Pilates

Develop core strength, rebalance muscles, sculpt and tone your body and gain flexibility and movement with our signature Mat classes. 
Challenge your core stability!

Classical Pilates

A classical class, follows the order and intentions of Joseph Pilates.  You will work to your fullest capacity, challenging endurance, strength, flexibility, and stability.  The dynamic rhythm that flows from one exercise to another, joined by transitions allow you to continuously move without breaking up the workout.



Combine barre, pilates, and dance-inspired cardio for a long, lean dancer's physique. This highly effective workout is designed to burn fat and chisel every inch of your body. We promise—it works



Don’t be surprised if these classes fill up quicker than a Jay Z/J-T concert! This workout is guaranteed to challenge your body while toning, building strength, and increasing flexibility and balance. Best of all, it’s one heck of a pool of sweat good time—you will have fun!