What does a typical BootCamp class look like?

BootCamp is a total body workout that begins with a warmup, followed by 30-40 minutes of cardio interval training on the reformer trampolines combined with body sculpting exercises on either the reformer, stability chair, or using the TRX suspension training system, before ending with core work and stretching. We play music for many of our BootCamp class.

I’m new to Pilates Reformer. Can I join BootCamp?

While BootCamp is a great way to kick-start your fitness routine, it is best to take a few mat and reformer classes prior to joining BootCamp. You cannot attend BootCamp if you have never used the reformer before. All students must be familiar with how to set up and use the reformer safely, and how to adjust their own settings. We recommend taking an introductory private session, or attend a few Reformer Precision or Fundamentals classes first.

I’m pregnant. Can I attend BootCamp?

While many doctors say that you can keep doing what you were doing before you were pregnant, BootCamp is not the best choice of class when you are pregnant. Click here to learn more about how to stay fit throughout your pregnancy.


Depending how long it is since you had your baby and your recovery, BootCamp may be the right class for you. For most, it is best to start with classes that allow the core to build strength from the inside-out, and that are less athletic than BootCamp. Start with an introductory private session in pilates where a teacher can assess your core strength and recommend classes and modifications recommended for your healthy and strong recovery. From there, we will help you make the best class choices. Make sure you receive a go-ahead from your doctor to start exercising again.

I’ve just had a baby, can I join BootCamp?