barbra diceman

Pilates Instructor Caledon


Barbra Diceman

Pilates Instructor Caledon

Barbra has a long history with fitness and training as she was a competitive gymnast and dancer through her childhood and early teen years. Though Barbra worked intensively at her sport, she was forced into early retirement from competition due to recurring injury.

Barbra began taking Pilates classes twelve years ago when she found she was suffering from back pain and knee pain. Through strengthening her core muscles- abdominals, legs, back, chest, and arms- she was able to conquer her pain. Convinced she could help others to win the battle against day to day pain, Barbra began working towards her teaching certification through the Stott Pilates Studio in Toronto.

Barbra has a sincere passion for Pilates which positively translates into her classes as she is very interactive with her students. This ensures they are completing the exercises correctly, not only preventing injury but allowing them to get the most from her classes. Barbra believes that there is a strong correlation between strength and balance and hopes to help her students achieve both